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Why "Keep In Touch"?

So earlier this week we released a conversation with Taylor Banks, Systima Technologies CFO. Systima is a Kirkland-based aerospace & defense company with over 200 employees that brings in tens of millions of dollars every year in revenue to our economy.

I first met Taylor at networking event at the University of Washington, while I was working on my first startup (which I talk about in another blog). I was a senior, chemical engineering student, and Taylor was an evening MBA student. Our startup was aiming to tackle the wildfire problem through automating a swarm of drones to detect and put out the fire before it becomes large. Taylor was passionate about space, and I was passionate about solving this problem, which was (and still is) an extremely technically challenging problem to solve.

Anyway, he believed in our vision and joined our team as an MBA advisor. After a few months, the team fell apart and we all went our separate ways... but we kept in touch.

Prior to Systima, Taylor had actually worked directly with Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder & the world's wealthiest person, at Blue Origin. After finishing his MBA, he eventually became the CFO at Systima, and I said "Hey we've got to get you on the show!" Without hesitation, he accepted the invitation.

Not only did he accept the invitation, Taylor offered to help us land future guests and has messaged me on several occasions letting me know he wants to help.

What if I hadn't kept in touch? What if I had left a bad impression on my past colleague in college? Never mind the opportunities, I would've missed out on an exciting story we got to publish about Taylor, and I would've missed out on a fruitful friendship!

Make sure you keep in touch with your old classmates, colleagues, coworkers, managers, CEOs, former employees, etc.

Keep in touch my friends ;)


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