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TrustRadius Founder & CEO: Vinay Bhagat

This week we got the opportunity to share a story of a man, Vinay Bhagat, who stands by his values and serves to only make the world a better place. He's had a journey with many obstacles overcome. We have passed down 3 of many lessons learned below:

Love the Process

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone, as it requires a lot of failure; however that doesn’t go to say that you can’t create value or make a difference! Vinay Bhagat teaches us to love the process in whatever we do, as you can’t just love the result without the sweat. The process is usually the barrier to success. Aside from loving a process, we must believe in the product or service and feel it has purpose, meanwhile being aware that we are apart of the mission.

It's About Who You Know (Not what you think!)

Vinay emphasizes people, the ones we work for and the ones we work with. He’s learned this through multiple occasions, such as his disagreement with his CEO to scaling too quickly at TrustRadius. Who you surround yourself with is important. No matter the competitive environment, if the teamwork within the company is strong, it will remain competitive. That’s why it’s important to look into the culture of the companies we apply for or creating a certain culture when starting a business!

You Don’t Know Everything!

We are advised here to focus on learning from good people, such as getting a strong mentor or learning form coworkers. We should stick to what we know, otherwise we can land in a dangerous situation and won’t be able to compete. Have humility, as Vinay says it’s the most important life skill and it’s the only way one can grow. Humility allows us to learn and learning allows us to grow.

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