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The Queens Gambit 'Effect'

On November 23rd, 2020, Netflix Tweeted:

What was the effect of this story?

- "How To Play Chess" Google searches are at the highest level for the past 9-years!

- Even though this is based on a book written 37-years-ago, the book just entered the New York Times Best Seller List

- 5x more chess sets on eBay have been selling daily since the series came out

So why did this show have such an impact on people's behavior? It's because people were invested in the story. The story was so well-written and well-presented that people became emotionally connected to the game of chess.

Moral of the story: Use stories to persuade others to hire you. Use stories to persuade that guy or gal to date you. Use stories to persuade a top executive to spend some time with you! Stories work, and stories are powerful!

Check out my great grandfather's story I wrote a while back: https://www.executalks.com/post/the-power-of-connecting

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