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The Power Of Connecting

In the 1960s, my great grandfather, David, migrated from Jerusalem to New York City with his 7 children. He came with savings that would last him & his family 2-3 weeks before being totally broke, so he had to find work ASAP. He had no choice. As soon as he got here, he began purchasing all kinds of vegetables (celery, onions, tomatoes, etc.) from the grocery store in bulk, and going door-to-door selling these vegetables in hope that he would make enough to afford meals for his family. I couldn't imagine how stressful that was and how much that would strengthen someone's character.

One day, he met someone named Alexander who was also an immigrant, but he had migrated about a decade before David did. They really connected on an emotional level, because Alex was in a similar situation before. Alex was essentially 10-years ahead of David in the context of building a career in America.

This new connection that my great grandfather had just made, would change his life forever.

Not only would Alex willingly advise my great grandfather and mentor him through assimilating, but he actively looked for ways to change his life. Alex introduced David to someone who owned a large business selling tapestries and was looking for a great salesman to hire. Alex advocated for David. From there, David would begin his career in the tapestries business and he would witness his career grow exponentially.

My great grandfather is a hero to me, however, without the help & guidance he received from Alex, could you imagine how much different David's life would be? I may not even be in Seattle, writing this article right now!

David was known to be very charismatic and he understood how to win people over, but all he needed was a 'nudge', just enough help to channel his energy and skills towards the right direction.

Every hero needs just a little guidance.

Alex changed my great grandfather's life; he gave a hero just enough to empower him to "win." I am forever grateful for Alex. It seems so small, yet the impact is substantial.

The power is in connecting. Changing someone's life is powerful.

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