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Systima Technologies CFO: Taylor Banks

This week we got to speak to a young professional whose made it so far in his career through multiple positive qualities and mindsets. Taylor Banks is a young professional who can relate to many young professionals in their 20s as well which is a plus. Check out the 3 main takeaways from the interview below:


I know what you’re thinking, “Only accountants can be accountable!” ..No, that is not the case. Taylor Banks was an accountant after he completed his undergrad program, but since an early age he learned what independence was, by holding accountability and responsibility towards his decisions, regardless of his circumstances.

Uncle Ben in Spider-Man says, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” But, Mark Manson said it best, “With great responsibility, comes great power.” When you start taking responsibility and blame yourself for any obstacle, you will find a way to make it through, no matter how little a problem is. We don’t choose what life throws at us, but we control our reactions to it. This involves taking strategic risks as well, such as when Taylor moved to Texas for work, before being a CFO at Systima Technologies.

Either Stay Ready or Get Ready

A piece of advice that stuck with Taylor Banks was to always be the most prepared person in the room. This has helped shape Taylor to who he is today, where he had more to add on to that now. This is an important lesson for us to apply to our lives as well. How can we be prepared? Building and maintaining a strong network early on. Work with people you can learn from, go on LinkedIn and be genuine with your connections, and constantly learn on various topics through the millions of free available resources.

Keep Your Eyes On the Road

I saved the best for last because it’s relatable to myself. Taylor Bank’s biggest advice for us is to not be patient. Things don’t come to you. This ties in with accountability. Always have questions on your mind, as you should always have questions and that curiosity to know where you want to go next, and if you don’t know where to go, keep asking! See a job you’re interested in, but you don’t “qualify” because you weren’t born with 20+ years of experience in that field?.. apply anyways! Also be aware, that answers won’t come to you, you have to chase those answers to your questions. Be eager! Taylor also mentioned that what he thought the best life skills one could hold are drive & focus! Sometimes what you know and who you know aren’t enough, and that drive and focus are last pieces to your puzzle, so keep driving and focus on the road!

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