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Should You Take Massive Action or Small Steps Toward Goals? Know Your Why First

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There are two schools of thought on how to accomplish goals.

One is taking massive and immediate action. The other is taking deliberate, incremental, and sequential actions.

Taking massive and immediate action feels like cramming for the final. A lot of people claim that self-induced pressure motivates them. And there is a sense of urgency that can fuel that motivation. Going after your goal in this way, you will likely make some early gains. And those early gains can spike momentum. You’re crushing it!

And going after a goal slowly and with more deliberately doesn’t mean you are less motivated or less likely to accomplish your goal. A lot of people claim that starting small and slow works for them. They prefer the steady pace of incremental steps. Small, steady steps can alleviate any sense of overwhelm which can often cause you to give up on a goal.

So, two schools of thought. Each one works.

But there is one thing you will want to do first.

Taking massive action or small steps are secondary to the commitment of your 'why'. Going all out can cause burnout which will disrupt your progress. Taking small steps won’t get you closer if you are headed in the wrong direction.

When setting a goal, maybe the best action to take is to figure out how you will stay focused on the reason why you set that big goal in the first place.

Because there will be times when small, steady steps will lead you to a point where massive action makes sense. And when massive action needs curtailed.

Focusing on your why will help you know when to take smaller steps and when to go all out. Your why will impact your how.

Do you take massive action after setting a goal or plan out small steps? How do you stay focused on your ‘why’?

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