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One Thing You Can Do for Success

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Mark Cuban does it.

Warren Buffet does it. (A lot.)

Bill Gates does it. (Even blogs about it.)

Elon Musk does it. ( We all know where that got him!)

Oprah does it. (And got thousands to do it along with her.)

What do they do?

They read.

Interestingly, you will find their names on lists ranking the richest people in the world. (Does reading make you rich? It can. And not only in monetary terms. But that is a topic for another day.)

These people are known not only for their wealth but for their influence. They all share this one habit in common. And they all will tell you that reading has had an impact on both their lives and their careers.

Reading is a skill that develops thinking skills over your whole life. The critical thinking skills such as the ability to organize and interpret information. It increases your vocabulary and increases your ability to focus. Even when reading for pleasure, these skills are developed.

Reading brings you into contact with ideas, situations, problems, methodologies, solutions beyond what you might have experience with right now. While experience has significant value, so does understanding, perception, and insight. Why? Because those traits increase your ability to problem-solve and create.

A reading habit can help you achieve success. There is no doubt about that.

Do you consider yourself a reader? What have you gained from reading? Do you have a book you often recommend?

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