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Nintex CEO: Eric Johnson

We got the opportunity to speak with Eric Johnson, who is the CEO of a company that grown to over $150m in sales! He's constantly showed healthy growth in his career and has a lot of advice to offer. Check out our 3 main takeaways from the last podcast, where he was featured on below:

1. Success = Preparation intersects with Opportunity

Eric gives us 2 ingredients for the growth recipe. One is being able to take advantage of controllable factors and the second is waiting for the opportunities that arise. This is best exemplified in his career growth. Eric has been prepared by carrying some great leadership and some of his higher up coworkers had left, which provided some opportunities, where he was the best fit for moving up and taking on more responsibilities. He gave us a good question to ask ourselves. What do you want to be and what do you want? If you want more, then expect yourself to give more, whether that means working overtime or being able to deliver consistently under pressure.

Have you been constantly preparing yourself for your end goal?

2. The 3 Rs for Building Relationships

Reading, Respect, and Reliability. Simple as that. First, you have to be able to educate yourself and build on your emotional intelligence. Find things that work for you and what you can improve on, which enables you to help others. Give Eric’s favorite book a read if you haven’t already, which is ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Second is being able to relate to people and respecting them. You will be successful when you find yourself helping others. Third is being able to be reliable and execute on your given tasks. When people see that you are always delivering, they become more dependable on you and can rely on you for filling a certain role or helping them succeed in something.

Is there an R you feel like you could focus more on? If so, how do you plan on going about it?

3. 2 Ears 1 Mouth

You’ve heard this before, but it can’t be mentioned enough. You have to use your ears to listen more than your mouth for speaking. You can’t grow if you’re the one always talking. We learn from each other and there’s many people out there with a lot to offer. Being able to improve your listening skills could go a long way. It could help you understand people’s wants and needs better, find things you could relate to, and learn. Listening goes hand in hand with building relationships and growth. Very valuable life lesson!

Have you listened more than you spoke today?

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