My Favorite Motivational Quote for Professional Success

“People romanticize their plans but dread the execution. The magic you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding.”

Scenario #1

Imagine you wake up tomorrow and you finally have your dream job, just like that. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, maybe you’ve finally got that restaurant you’ve always wanted to open. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a sculpted physique worthy of inclusion to the Halls of Olympus. I’m sure it’d feel pretty great. But something would be missing. Read on to find out what.

Scenario #2

Now imagine that you wake up tomorrow and everything is “normal”. Everything is exactly how you expect it to be. But you still want to be that CEO, you still want to start that Asian fusion restaurant, you still harbor a burning desire to cover your body in pulsing veins in a magnificent display of vascularity.

So, you get to work. You start laying the foundations for the groundwork in which you plan to build towards your future success. Maybe you start with an internship, a wise choice for anyone looking to gather experience in field related to their aspirations. You freely give away your time and talents as an exchange for the investment you’re making into yourself and your future.

Like millions of other Americans, you may find yourself double dipping your internship with chasing after a college degree. Doing twice the work then for the same pay: nothing. This is nothing to say of the constant networking you’re on the hunt for. Yet, you don’t give in.

Upon completion of your secondary education, you start to transition from student/”please take a chance on me for free” intern to understanding how to market yourself and land a job in that dream career field you’ve been working years towards now. But you persevere, earning that job and just now beginning the climb up the professional ladder of success.

You settle into your new job by refusing to settle down for too long on anything. You quickly establish a reputation for yourself as completing your projects ahead of schedule and beyond reproach. You’re soon put in charge of your own team, which you take charge of with the same tenacity and vigor that led to your appointment as a supervisor.

Your team’s outstanding performance and accomplishments don’t go unnoticed as you find yourself promoted to new positions of management and responsibility over the years. Because of the solid foundation of sacrifice and work ethic you’ve laid for yourself from the beginning, the demands and stressors of your responsibilities are never such that you can’t adapt, improvise, and overcome in a relatively short period of time.

The board finally catches wind of this superstar who’s made them quite a bit of money over the years and decides it’s time to let you manage the direction of the company. You’re promoted to CEO.

Which scenario do you find to be more fulfilling? Do you think you’d feel accomplished, deserving, proud if you were merely given a high-ranking position? Or having earned it through years of seemingly thankless work, sacrifices gone unnoticed, and a grueling dedication to the riches of success?

Many people believe they’d find their ultimate happiness if they could just magically find themselves in the positions they want to be in without having to work to get there. These people will never find their ultimate happiness so long as they continue to believe it could manifest itself without any sort of trials, adversity, or sacrifice.

The champions of our era and those passed were elated in their moments of success and achievement because of all the hard work it took to achieve. Don’t be put off by hard work. Don’t let challenges feel daunting. Don’t be afraid of sacrifice. Embrace the grind, the sacrifice, the countless unnoticed hours of dedication to your craft and yourself.

The magic isn’t in the title. The magic is in everything you do to earn the title.

Can you think of any other advantages we gain from embracing a strong work ethic? Share the wealth of knowledge by letting us know in the comments, so we can all grow and be our best together.

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