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MacDonald-Miller CEO: Gus Simonds

Gus Simonds got personal with us and really helped exemplify and better shape some of the necessary traits we need to rise. He's a committed and simple man who maintains a great positive mindset during all obstacles. Check out the 3 keys we've gathered from our interview with Gus below:

1. Keep Your Promise

Gus mentions the key to being a great employee is committing to your promises. As they say, success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, but rather from what you do consistently. Gus was never afraid of rejection and didn’t let it be a setback. Gus was known to have grit. When he told himself he’d do something, he’d execute it no matter the time and effort needed to accomplish something. Keeping your promise involves valuing the process more than the events and outcomes. Keeping your promise is not having to wait for inspiration. Being committed is sacrificing pleasure for opportunity. You have to give up to go up!

Are you committed to your role and your company?

2. Dream Big… or Small

As we learned form earlier interviews, we need a vision, other than having unlimited money, to keep us going. Gus had a dream. A small and simple one, but it was a vision he always had and wanted, which was owning his own boat and being able to ride it in Lake Chelan (one of my personal favorite spots). It was something he wanted to do, whether he felt successful or not, as that was his vision of success. How he ended up with a 1988 Bayliner in Lake Chelan living the time of his life? Well, it was just a matter of being good at what you do when you try hard mixed with a great product and a good system to deliver that product. So having a end goal, big or small, should be what inspires us to excel at what we do and not feel satisfied until we reach that end goal.

Do you have vision of feeling accomplished and successful? If so, please share with us!

3. Trust

Gus believes a big aspect of what helped him rise to the top was gaining the trust of others. Companies hire you because they trust that you put the company first before yourself. Being aware that your role is just as important as everyone else’s and that all your actions impact all stakeholders in some way is enough weight on one’s shoulder to want to give their all and become considerate. Trusting that you can get the job done and helping other coworkers get their job done. The more trust you gain, the more valuable your opinions become, which is what helps one get up within a company. Not just at work, but being trusted outside of work and maintain authenticity is key as well. As Gus says, the biggest life skill one can have is being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Being able to read a situation and how it impacts others is all emotional intelligence and at the end of the day we are all human, so being trusted by others and being trustworthy helps one gain support to rise.

Have you tried putting yourself in someone else’s shoes today?

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