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I don't believe in "self-made"

Have you ever heard of a billionaire entrepreneur who started and ran a company all by her/him self?

A friend of mine called me up this week and said "Ash I was thinking maybe you should just start targeting more of the self-made billionaires to get on your show." I asked, "what do you mean by 'self-made?'" My friend couldn't define what that meant. What my friend meant to say was quite the opposite: A billionaire who wouldn't have been able to get where they are without the people that joined their company/organization, their journey, and their ultimate vision.

It got me thinking.

Without Aleksey Chernov, our Podcast Producer,

Without Marni Greenfield, our Social Media Manager,

Without Annet Johnson, our Podcast Transcriber,

Without Samer Khalil, our Managing Editor,

Without Andrea van Ryzin, our Digital Marketing Specialist,

Without Sav Shrestha, our Content Creator,

Without Mary Amontos, our PR Intern

Without Joseph Sullivan, our Motion Designer,

Without Audrey Truitt, our Content Contributor,

Without David Le, our Blogger,

Without Karen Magarelli, our Marketing Director,

We would be nowhere even CLOSE to where we are today.

I can't articulate clearly enough just how grateful and appreciative I am of those who are dedicated to our ultimate vision.

With lots of love,


P.S. If I didn't include you in the list forgive me! We have a lot of people!

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