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How Depression Can Be Good

A little over a year ago when we interviewed Redfin CEO, Glenn Kelman, I was going through an emotionally challenging time. I felt really depressed that someone so close to me -- someone I still feel is my soulmate -- decided to move on from a relationship with me. To be honest, I still carry that sadness with me today.

As I was listening to Glenn share his story about how he felt depressed and lonely because of a breakup when he was in his mid-20s, I couldn't help but ask:

How did you pull out of that?

"You know, evolutionary biologists have tried to understand the value of depression. Not many animals get so depressed they can't get out of bed in the morning -- I guess they don't have a bed -- There's no reason for it except this: It's your body's way of saying 'enough is enough,'" said Glenn.

The most common trigger of sadness is when we lose someone we were once connected to.

The most common trigger of joy is when we really connect with someone new.

I've reflected a lot on the topic of depression and I strongly feel that the value of depression is that it gives us a chance to reflect.

Why is this the one feeling that forces us to be inactive? Think about it. When you feel joy, you are more energetic. When you are scared, your senses are heightened. When you are angry, you feel the urge to do something.

When you are sad, you don't want to do anything. That's because we need to not do anything for a moment to give ourselves some space to reflect before we decide our next action.

If you are feeling depressed like me, it's because you are lucky ;)

I hope you feel better,


P.S. Connecting with someone new will help you feel joy to mitigate the sadness, so if you are looking for someone to connect with, please message me. It would give me joy to connect (literally)!

[Glenn Kelman (left) & Me (right) at Redfin's HQ in Seattle]

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