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Follow Your Heart?

In the late 1960s, my great grandfather and his kids were living in New York City.

One of his kids, which would be my great uncle, Zack, had a desire to join the U.S. military and become an engineer. Zack's father (my great grandfather) did not approve of this. He was adamant about Zack not going to the military.

There was extreme tension between Zack and his father because his heart was telling him to go join the military and pursue his dream of becoming an engineer, and he saw his father as a roadblock to getting there.

Almost every single father wants the best for their son, so there are different perspectives here.

One perspective is: "If you join the military, you are leaving your family"

The other is: "If I join the military, I have a shot at fulfilling my dreams"

What did my great uncle Zack do?

He left one day abruptly without giving notice, and joined the military. My great grandfather was devastated. "How could my son disobey me and betray his family like this?", he cried.

He would search everywhere for his son and ask every single person he knew and didn't know, until he finally got some information, after years, that Zack was stationed in Fort Lewis; a military base near Tacoma, WA.

My great grandfather and his family hopped in a car and drove coast-to-coast all the way to Fort Lewis. When they finally arrived, it was a moment that generations of our entire family would never forget. Tears were gushing down both Zack and his father's face. It was a very special moment.

The entire family would move to a city near Tacoma, called Seattle!

Did my great uncle make the right decision? I can't say I'm certain, and of course I cannot encourage anyone to "disobey" their parents.

What I can say is, he followed his heart, and it somehow all worked out in the end. His father was proud of him, his family loved him, AND he would eventually work his dream job as an engineer for Boeing. I am a beneficiary of Zack's bold decision to follow his heart. After all, I'd rather be in Seattle than New York ;)

Whatever tough decision you are thinking about making right now, I strongly urge you.

Follow your heart.

It'll all work out in the end.



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