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Flyhomes CEO & Co-Founder: Tushar Garg

Yes, another mogul from the Real Estate industry shared some wisdom and his amazing stories with us this week! Tushar was a Chief of Staff at Microsoft, where afterwards he was able to pave his own path into starting a successful company with a valuable mission. Check out the three key tips we thought would be beneficial to you below:

Plan To Go With The Flow

As Tushar mentioned and exemplified, make a plan for yourself and endeavors, but also expect the unexpected. This means we should be more loose and spontaneous throughout the plan, as it can change. For example, Tushar was a Chief of Staff at Microsoft; however, he took a sabbatical 6 months later to truly evaluate his wants and skills. That led him to the path of starting Flyhomes! He also planned to receive a PhD, which didn’t end up part of the plan further along, but it all turned out to be a motivational story in the end. He knew where he wanted to make an impact, which started in the energy sector, but then he switched his focus around mitigating risks for home buyers, while maintaining his resilience and dedication.

Take Risks

You don’t have to have the best idea to become that “successful entrepreneur”, as mentioned earlier, we can’t control outcomes all the time. You must dedicate yourself to something you find worth doing, no matter how big or little the idea, and learn along the way. The more you work on an idea, the more you learn about its impact through feedback and market reactions. If something isn’t working as planned, try to shift the mission to fit the product/service, or vice versa. Always understand the downsides or consequences of the risk, and be comfortable if it occurs.

Forgive Yourself

Tushar’s biggest advice to us all in our 20s is to set up a foundation early on, where we build good habits. One important habit to note is forgiving yourself. This means letting go of the past and moving forward. This is tied to the previous key, where if a mistake is made or something doesn’t go as planned, we can’t allow it to be a setback or view it as failure, but rather as a learning lesson.

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