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Elevat IOT CCO & Co-Founder: Adam Livesay

Adam Livesay is a man of many words, but much more action. He's always building something and adding value. He helps our listeners build on themselves as well through great stories and advice, which we explain a few major ones below:

1. You vs. Expectations

Adam Livesay really shifted my perspective on my wants when he mentioned how everyone always wants to build something, even non-engineers. We constantly have a desire to build something, whether that be a family, a school, or even ourselves! However, there always seems to be a consistent barrier that prevents us from further building on something, which is our attempt at distinguishing what we think others’ expectations are from what we really want. It takes mental strength to be able to void others’ expectations because at the end of the day, in situations regarding work, it’s what other stakeholders think that could make or break our ideas. This is where priority comes in to balance it all out, as we can’t ignore everyone’s expectations, because you need a little bit of that to move forward. After all, Adam and many of whom we interviewed, mentioned listening is one of the biggest life skills we could attain. Listen for feedback and in finding a problem that you would want to tackle.

2. Health & Nutrition

This is one key I personally take joy in hearing from influential and successful people, such as Adam. We hear this a lot. It’s so simple and thankfully available for most of us, so it’s really easy to be blinded to. Yes, it’s health and nutrition. Physical, mental, or spiritual, you name it. Stay hydrated. Drink a cup of water every half hour or so. We can’t physically see our mental energy and can’t mentally picture our physical health. Fun fact that has stuck with me: We use 20% of our calories for brain power. So, if we want to use more of our brain for longer periods of time, we need to constantly watch our health.

3. Do You Feel That Empathy?

Another crucial key passed on to us by Adam is practicing empathy. When we feel the problem of others or put ourselves in different shoes, we can see which areas could use our personal skill-sets. This also goes hand in hand with listening, as mentioned earlier. This allows better collaboration and communication amongst coworkers. Empathy improves sales, customer loyalty, productivity, and innovation. Practice empathy daily!

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