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conDati CMO: How People Shape your Career

By: Fitz Mullins | ExecuTalks | March 31st, 2020

In this week’s episode of ExecuTalks, we had the great fortune of spending time with the inspiring Linh Ho, CMO and co-founder of conDati. The daughter of two immigrants, Linh grew up in an economically impoverished area of Quebec before moving to Canada’s capitol city of Ottawa. Linh’s innate business sense, coupled with her parent’s tenacity, helped grow the family laundry business at a young age. Linh’s career has gone well beyond dry cleaning services, but she has never lost the original hustle she found there.

Check out our three favorite takeaways below and listen to the full interview for even more!

1. Feed your Inner Fire

Linh’s parents always wanted something better for the family. While they were always able to make ends meet, they were just getting by. Eventually her parents saved enough money to relocate the family to Ottawa for better opportunities. In Ottawa, Linh’s parents were able to purchase their own coin-operated laundry business. By the time the laundry business really started to take off, Linh was setting sales meetings and negotiating terms with some of the largest hotel chains in the area. From the Fairmont to Hilton, Linh was always hungry for more as she capitalized on opportunity after opportunity for the family business. With a natural business inclination, Linh learned early on the fundamentals of stretching every dollar and making sure each return was worth the time spent.

2. Believe in Yourself and Others Will Follow

While still living in Canada, Linh traveled out to Seattle for an interview with expense management company, Concur. After scoring the job, she had to make the difficult decision of uprooting her family for a completely unknown future. Despite the strain this put on her husband he immediately recognized Linh’s ability to succeed and didn’t hesitate to make the leap. All the while Linh was pregnant with her child that was due the day before she was slated to begin her new job. Even with so much uncertainty in her world, she had a sense that everything would work out because she was pursuing a passion that was right for her. Linh acknowledges the fact that you can’t ignore your inner self when it is trying to tell you something, and that’s exactly what she did. Linh continues to believe that as long as you show up to win, the results you want will follow.

3. It Starts With the People Around You

After listening to Linh, it became abundantly clear that the people are what make any company. The people compromise the culture and values of a good or bad company. And Linh should know. She was the Marketing Chief of Staff at SAP Concur and helped them grow from a 2,000 employee company to over 9,000 strong. Linh credits her success to always thinking about the people first. Even the unglamorous and uninspiring side of work can be remedied through a people first approach. With this viewpoint, Linh was able to steer the company through a lot of growing pains while keeping the culture in tact. She firmly believes that it’s never too early to start thinking about the culture and people strategy. Whether it’s an early stage startup or an industry behemoth, you’ll always be better off when you put your people first.

About Linh's Current Endeavor at conDati

conDati is on a mission to provide marketing executives and hands-on marketers with the comprehensive and real-time visibility, predictive models, and science-based recommendations they need to make quality campaign decisions to maximize marketing’s contribution to business success.

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