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Armoire Chief Bosslady - How to Open Doors That Don't Exist, Yet.

By: Fitz Mullins | ExecuTalks | February 10th, 2020

In this week’s ExecuTalk, we had an amazing conversation with the ever-inspiring, Ambika Singh, CEO and Co-founder of Armoire. Ambika’s professional journey had plenty of surprises before enrolling in MIT for her MBA, which is where the idea for Armoire originated. We sat down with the Chief Boss Lady herself and caught a glimpse of what makes her tick.

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1. Know Your Target Audience and Address Them Directly

While Ambika is not one to revel in her own skills, she does admit that she makes a compelling pitch when it comes to presenting her company. After giving what she thought was another killer presentation to a crowded room of angel investors, she was dismayed to hear each of them pass on Armoire. Every single investor passed. Despite the steady string of rejections, she realized that her pitch wasn’t reaching her target audience. Ambika decided to insert herself into the conversation by addressing the male investor’s wives and daughters because that is ultimately her customer demographic. Not long after she pitched to the right investors, the funds were secured and Armoire started to take off.

2. Consistently Self Assess and Adjust Your Approach Accordingly

A successful startup must balance a lot of moving parts and frequently change trajectory. Recognizing what is working and what isn’t is crucial to moving forward. Ambika already knew the necessity to alter plans on the fly, but often relies on her ability to self-assess in order to make the right decision. Being aware and taking responsibility are fundamental components to an honest assessment. Even if you can succeed in a certain area, Ambika recognizes the need to frequently self-assess in order to keep moving forward in a positive direction. In the moment it can be difficult to see beyond the current plan, but being honest with yourself and adjusting your approach will pay off in a major way.

3. Seek Different Perspectives

Ambika has the rare gift of being genuinely curious about reality outside of her own life. Many of us can’t put ourselves in other’s shoes, but Ambika is constantly striving to truly understand her customers and employees on an intimate level. Whether it’s traveling abroad or going on an impromptu “spirit quest”, she is frequently seeing the world through other’s eyes. Ambika believes perspective is particularly important when it comes to treating her employees. Armoire now has over 35 employees and Ambika constantly strives to make sure she is providing each of them with new opportunities and career growth. She recognizes that her people are fully invested and willing to spend years of their lives to make a shared dream reality. Ambika credits her successful relationships to her ability to seek different perspectives.

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