3 Business Lessons to Learn from Thanksgiving

“It’s Thanksgiving. Please don’t make people read longer than a minute.” – my boss, probably

Thanksgiving, a US national holiday celebrating gratitude, bonding, and kinship. Fun-fact: the holiday reveling in thankfulness, Thanksgiving, is also the consistent, direct precursor to Black Friday. There’s a lesson on irony in there somewhere.

There have been many lessons given on the stories we tell our children about Thanksgiving and there have been many lessons given on what actually happened during Thanksgiving. Right now, you’re reading about neither.

Instead, here are a few business lessons we could learn from this holiday of appreciation.

1. Ensure your own gratitude is expressed

Whether you’re in an entry-level position or the CEO of your own brand, you undoubtedly have people you are grateful for in your life. Take some time to let those who make a significantly positive impact on your life know it. If it makes you uncomfortable, take this time as a challenge to overcome in developing new social skills that will be important to your continued success.

When it’s safe to do so again, we recommend calling any old clients or supervisors who you really appreciated, and invite them out for a meal. Lunch, dinner; treat them to a free meal paid for by your thanks. Don’t make it awkward by making a pitch for more work or clients, just let thankfulness set the mood. I tried this and was referred a new client the next week.

2. Give everyone their time and space

Thanksgiving offering a 5-day weekend to some workers makes it a bit different from most holidays. Sometimes, we may fancy ourselves the light of everyone’s life, but holidays offer American workers a rare, gentle reprieve from the daily grind of chasing success. Try not to dampen their good time by checking in on work-related issues. If you must contact someone you work with or who works for you on a holiday, make it to wish them a good one.

3. Enjoy yourself

Most people's goals won’t pause just for holidays. However, considering how shut down most of the country will be today, it makes sense to just let everything work-related go if only for a day to thoroughly enjoy yourself. You can start by finishing this article, checking out a podcast on ExecuTalks.com and having yourself a great rest of your Thanksgiving weekend!

Enjoy the holiday!

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