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Feeling like your career isn’t advancing the way it should? It’ll be okay. Everyone we’ve interviewed has felt what you’re feeling. Even Fortune 500 CEOs. Don’t believe me? Only one way to find out: Tune in! This podcast is for the go-getter, the ambitious, the confident. (This podcast is for you especially if you’re in sales or marketing).


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Siemens CEO (USA)

Barbara Humpton

Logitech CEO

Bracken Darrell

Zillow Former CEO & Co-Founder

Spencer Rascoff

Bulletproof CEO & Founder

Dave Asprey

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Siemens CEO (USA)

Barbara Humpton

Bellevue Mayor

Lynne Robinson

Logitech CEO

Bracken Darrell

Hint CEO & Founder

Kara Goldin

Woods Coffee Founder & CEO

Wes Herman

Premera Blue Cross CEO

Jeff Roe

Seattle's Ex-Police Chief

Carmen Best

Starbucks Former President

Howard Behar

Stripe CRO

Mike Clayville

FROM, Digital Transformation Agency CEO

Howard Tiersky

Beecher's Cheese & Sugar Mountain Founder

Kurt Dammeier

Serial Entrepreneur

Chris George

Sana Biotechnology CEO & Co-Founder

Steve Harr

Finimize CEO & Co-Founder

Max Rofagha

Puget Sound Energy CEO

Mary Kipp

PayScale CEO

Scott Torrey

Robhinood's VP of Engineering

Surabhi Gupta

Seattle City Light CEO

Debra Smith

Divvy Homes CEO & Co-Founder

Adena Hefets

Hunt A Killer CEO & Co-Founder

Ryan Hogan

Buzzfeed's First Chief Content Officer

Melinda Lee

NotCo CEO & Co-Founder

Matias Muchnick

Zillow Former CEO & Co-Founder

Spencer Rascoff

Bulletproof CEO & Founder

Dave Asprey

SeaWorld Former CEO

Joel Manby

Tableau Software Former CMO

Elissa Fink

Fortive Corporation CEO

Jim Lico


Sarah Bird

Naturebox Founder

Gautam Gupta

Pantheon Platform CMO

Christy Marble

Wharton School of Business Director of Career Management

Dawn Graham

Tableau Software Former EVP

Kelly Wright

Snapbar CEO & Co-Founder

Sam Eitzen

Elevat IOT CCO & Co-Founder

Adam Livesay

TrustRadius CEO & Founder

Vinay Bhagat

Systima Technologies CFO

Taylor Banks

Flyhomes CEO & Co-Founder

Tushar Garg

Redfin CTO

Bridget Frey

OfferUp CEO & Co-Founder

Nick Huzar

CUT Former CEO & Founder

Michael Gaston

MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions CEO

Gus Simonds

McKinstry CMO

Ash Awad

Aditi Consulting CEO

Raja Narayana

Nintex CEO

Eric Johnson

Alder Biopharmaceuticals Former CEO

Bob Azelby

T-Mobile Former VP & Sales Guru

Matt Millen

WEconnect Health Management CEO & Co-Founder

Daniela Tudor

Billionaire Entrepreneur

Naveen Jain

Redfin CEO

Glenn Kelman

Outreach CEO & Co-Founder

Manny Medina

Rushing Engineering CEO & Co-Founder

Rae Anne

conDati CMO & Co-Founder

Linh Ho

98point6 CEO & Co-Founder

Robbie Cape

Amperity CEO & Co-Founder

Kabir Shahani

Auth0 CEO & Co-Founder

Eugenio Pace

Whitepages CEO

Leigh McMillan

Zipwhip CEO & Co-Founder

John Lauer

Armoire CEO & Co-Founder

Ambika Singh

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