It was a typical gray and rainy day in Seattle, in mid-September of 2018, when I came to a realization after hearing the same line several times from different people.  I was at a networking event in downtown Seattle when I met Sam, a 25-year-old UW (Go Dawgs!) graduate working for a technology company who seemed to be full of energy & passion.  It wasn't long after I heard the same line from Sam as I did with several other people before: "I like my job, I just feel a lack of purpose and connection, but it's too late to change because I've already chosen my path."


I thought, "why would anyone think it's too late for anything?" At the time, I was working as a Senior Sales Executive for MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions, the largest and most prestigious mechanical construction firm in Seattle.  I honestly did feel a sense of purpose and connection.  I wasn't having the problem Sam, Ennis, and many of my other friends were having.  I couldn't understand it.

Then I realized that I wasn't having those problems because I had a personal connection to the CEO, executives, and my manager at the firm.  I got in touch with them long before I even thought about working for MacDonald-Miller.  I was working for and with people I truly cared about. People I connected with on a personal level. 


I thought, "Everyone should feel a sense of purpose and connection, and no one should feel like they are stuck and can't change their career path, no matter where they are at in life."


Unfortunately, most people don't understand the importance of personal connection and the impact it can have on their careers. If you don't have a connection with the people you are working for and around, then it's time to explore other options; feeling stuck is not a valid excuse.  It's never too late to change your life for the better.  Work takes up a huge chunk of your life, so why not do something you truly enjoy with people you feel connected to?

That is why I decided to start ExecuTalks, a show that brings career wisdom through personal stories of today's top executives.


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