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We quite simply love learning about people's inspiring personal stories! ExecuTalks (formerly SeattleTALK) was founded in 2018 as a podcast that brought hundreds of founders into conversations with Seattle’s top executives. We believe you shouldn’t have to build your career alone, and we’ve got the stories to prove it

We firmly believe that it takes "MORE THAN A GREAT IDEA" to build a successful company. It takes grit, the right team, network, and resources. Today, ExecuTalks helps founders break the ice with business leaders from our community built through the ExecuTalks podcast. We host rare networking opportunities, appetizers, and insightful talks from experienced founders and top executives. Be the first to know by subscribing to our newsletter!

Meet The Team

Ennis Dakhil


A Seattle native, Ennis attended the University of Washington and graduated the youngest of his class with a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Upon graduating, he took a huge pay cut and went on to sell SaaS products. A born risk-taker, Ennis left his day job and went on to co-found ExecuTalks. 

Fitz Mullins

Managing Editor

ExecuTalks's managing editor, responsible for editing stories. A native of Kentucky, and graduate of the University of Louisville.

Bilal Mohammed

Content Director/Videographer

Bilal is a University of Washington Alum. In his free time, he enjoys creating content and exploring the outdoors of the PNW. There won't be a time where you will see a frown on his face. 

Ash Faraj

Co-Founder & Host

I like conversations over coffee. Text me sometime! (206) 898-1166.

Sully El-Mehrik


Sully currently studies business at Shoreline Community College and enjoys audio engineering & film-making.

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