Terrible Sales Copy by Discount Tire – Don’t Make This Mistake

You would think that a company that does over $5 billion in sales and has over 23,000 employees would know how to communicate to their customers.

Here’s why Discount Tire’s sales copy is mediocre at best.

Last Friday I walked into Discount Tire to get my tire serviced. What’s the first thing I notice? A big sign that says, “Get 30% average shorter wait time when you book & buy online.”


I thought to myself, “You really want me to calculate what the average wait time is, and what 30% less than that would be?”  I thought, “I just come here when my tire goes bad and it needs servicing, I don’t really think ahead about servicing my tires.”

Does everybody think like me? No. I am willing to bet most people subconsciously thought what I thought. Or worse, they were confused by the ad.

What is my pain point as a customer that wants their tire serviced? I don’t like wasting time.

I dropped my car off, walked across the street to a Starbucks, opened my laptop, and about an hour later, I got a text that my car was ready. I walked back, picked it up, and went on my way.

Do I remember exactly how long I waited? No. It could’ve been 40 minutes, it could have been 80 minutes. Last Friday was a long time ago.

Coincidentally, I was at Les Schwab three months before. I walked in, handed them my keys, grabbed a cup of coffee in their waiting area, plugged in my laptop, answered a few emails… and before I knew it, my car was ready to go.

I didn’t calculate how much time I waited ,but I know I was able to get a few things done while I waited. And it felt quick.

“Discount tire” implies tires available a ta discount. Great! I don’t want to pay a lot for my tires. My time is also valuable, so if you could just make my experience faster, or feel faster, you would win my business every time I needed a tire serviced or changed.

I recommend this: “We’ll fix your tires while you catch up on emails. Make yourself at home.”

  • Customer pain point: Wasting time waiting
  • Proposition: Your time isn’t wasted here
  • Uniqueness: Focusing on the experience VS. wait time

Instead of battling competitors in the red ocean, find your blue ocean.

What do you think?

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