Here's a quick summary of my personal story

I was born in Seattle, WA. My great grandfather migrated to Seattle in the mid 1950s in search for better economic opportunity.
June 2017
I graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. During my senior year, a group of colleagues and I turned our capstone project into a startup. It was my first startup failure.
I took my first job out of college in the commercial HVAC industry, helping building owners save energy through building technology solutions.
January 2020
I launched ExecuTalks capturing audio with phones and basic microphones; the quality was terrible in the beginning.
January 2021
ExecuTalks was featured on Apple podcast's top podcasts in the careers category & became the top 1% of podcasts worldwide according to Listen Notes.
March 2021
My story was featured on MarketWatch, as a result of the inspiring stories we've shared and the incredible guests we've had on our podcast.
I partnered with Pantheon Platform to share their customer stories through a podcast series that I host, narrate, and post-produce.
January 2022
I produced and published a full documentary, backed by corporate sponsors, to tell the story of climate change and what Washington State leaders are doing to mitigate the damage.
February 2022
ExecuTalks Media Production launches to help organizations market their products and services better by producing impactful stories through end-to-end media production services.

If you'd like to learn more about why I started ExecuTalks, I made this video.

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